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Posting Affiliate offers on SFCC

Creating Source Codes

  1. To create a source code go to Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Source Code Groups
  2. Click New (in the top right corner)
    OFFER Types Percentage Off (Percent off|Threshold)- 25PCOFF125
                          1 Free Gift (FREEGWP|Threshold)- FREEGWP80
                          2 or More Gifts (GWP| Num of gifts PC|Threshold) - GWP30PC100
  4. Add Start + End Date - Make sure both the start and end date are 3:00 AM
  5. Click Apply
  6. The next window will add the PROMOCODE
  7. Add PROMOCODE in the Source Code Specification

Creating a Customer Group

  1. Merchant Tools > Customers > Customer Groups
  2. Click New (in the top right corner)
  3. Create ID: Use the same name used for the same promotion for Source Code Groups - YYMMDD-OFFER-PROMOCODE
  4. Under Membership Rule
    Include Customers With:
                          Select Attribute: Active Source Code Group
                          Select Operator: is equal
                          Select Value: YYMMDD-OFFER-PROMOCODE
  5. SAVE

Creating Affiliate Content Assets

Create a new content asset
  1. Merchant Tools > Content > Content Assets
  2. Click New (bottom right corner)
  3. Create ID: header-legal-YYYYMMDD-PROMOCODE
  4. Set Online Flag to YES
  5. Enter code in BODY Field (and fill in the legal copy / code tags)
 <!-- Content Asset: header-legal-YYYYMMDD-PROMOCODE START-->
    <p class="popup-legal">[Place legal copy here]</p>
    .ui-dialog #dialog-container p.popup-legal{font-size:11px; font-weight:300; padding-bottom:15px;}
     <!-- Content Asset: header-legal-YYYYMMDD-PROMOCODE END-->

    6. Click Apply

Creating Content Slots

Affiliate Offers only use the top bar and the link triggers a popup with the offers legal.
  1. Merchant Tools >  Online Marketing >  Content Slots
  2. Search for the content slot: header-banner and click on the result.
  3. Click New on bottom left
  4. Enter ID: header-banner-YYYYMMDD-PROMOCODE
  5. Set Enabled to YES
  6. Content type HTML
  7. Add code to the HTML field (code snippet below)
  8. Replace data-contentid value in code with current ID name
  10. <p>Our priority is the health and safety of our community. You may experience some delays with your order. <a href="$httpsUrl('Page-Show','cid','covid-19-update')$" style="color:#fff"><u>Learn More ></u></a></p>

    <div class="plp-banner plp-popup" data-contentid="header-legal-YYYYMMDD-PROMOCODE">
                            <p>20% off any $125 purchase + Retinol Ceramide Capsules
                            <br class="hide-desktop hide-tablet hide-small-mobile"> (7 Piece) + Advanced Ceramide
                            Capsules (7 Piece), <br class="hide-desktop"> Use Code: <b>SPRINGTIME</b>.
                            <u>Terms & Conditions</u></p>
                            .plp-popup u{cursor:pointer;}
                            #wrapper .header-banner .header-promotion p{font-size:12px; color:#fff; font-weight:400;}
                            @media screen and (max-width: 767px){
                            #wrapper .header-banner .header-promotion p{background-color:#000;}
                            @media screen and (max-width: 390px){
  11. Template: click [...] then select app_elizabetharden_core > slots/html > header-promotion.isml then save

Scheduling assets

On the same page under section called Schedule/qualifiers/compatibility:
  1. Click + Add Schedule > Default Schedule
  2. Click the "Continuously" then [...] in the same field
  3. Check Effective Period then select the date that the promotion will be live - ensure promotion both starts and ends at 3AM
  4. Click OK

Setting Customer Group
  1. Select the field under Customer Groups then [...] in the same field
  2. Search and Check the Customer Group for the promo being posted
  3. Click ASSIGN

Setting Ranking
  1. Click the field under Rank
  2. Select 100
Click APPLY 
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